By Cindarella Paris

We strongly support the baseline of “We care for more than hair” – Salon Emotion by L’Oréal Paris. A beauty or hair salon is not only about styling, which is the essential basis. It is to redevelop a whole KNOWHOW, around the knowledge of welcoming, knowing how to guide and advise, and above all amplifying the experience. Customer loyalty is one of the main pillars of the hair salon’s success.

Welcoming is no longer just checking the appointments at the physical reception desk but having comfortable furniture, completely in line with the spirit of the salon, creating a friendly place, the client immediately feels relaxed from the beginning. A bench seat, one or two very trendy small arm chairs, a coffee table, a juice bar, … a reception point that can be pushed up to new rituals providing cream or hand massage depending on the services levels.

Welcoming is also working as a strong vector of the identity of the place, its Olfactory or sound signature. To support our customers on this type of strong trend lever in marketing, we have selected fragrances dedicated to hair salons, with a simple and healthy solution called SO OLFACTIVE. A new strong sensory experience, an original and memorable way for the customer to identify you and to remember your hair salon.

Cindarella Paris

Knowing how to advise and guide the client in their hair protocol becomes a real distinctive sign of qualitative and differential services for the client. Personalizing reception, care and follow-up goes through essential stages known as: diagnosis. Throughout the journey highlighted by the presentation and availability of product brands. Make a real hair diagnosis, listen to the customer, and extend the sensory experience by discovering the products that will be applied to the customer, a space that should be identified in the salon: the DIAGNOSTIC space. A real moment of conviviality with customers, it can be symbolized by a large table, with mirrors to pose, simple product displays. That’s why we created the Grace table:

Cindarella Paris

The diagnosis also goes through a very professional examination of the hair, one of the recurring problems of this stage is the brightness. Daylight in the hair salon is a new key element. Apart from the fact that light is one of the most worked elements in architecture in general, in hair salons it has a crucial aspect: highlighting all the technical areas and varying the intensity for moments more pampering like the zenitude moment at the wash units. For hairdressers, there are two other imperatives: having daylight for more precision in all meticulous applications, coloration, extensions, laying of locks. Ocular comfort and immense time savings during long application techniques. To do so, we offer SO WATT – a natural light revolution for the hair salons. SO WATT guarantees a natural, soothing light into your salon. Provided with LED bulbs, only 9 watts of total consumption, and an infrared detector. And all the materials are 100% recyclable.

Cindarella ParisCindarella Paris