By Cindarella

Being attractive, unique, and inspirational are major keys for excellence and profitable salons.

Hairdressing is evolving and must face major challenges:  ecological trends, attractiveness, a predominance of resale, the impact of design and identity of the place, an opening towards global beauty. To meet these challenges, major brands, through their strategic concept, support their customers in understanding these new challenges.

L’Oréal for a few years now, settled a lot of solutions to provide consumers an unforgettable and unique experience. Salons of the future have integrated those challenges structured around 7 key stages. Furniture is one of the main pillars of the identity, attractiveness and rationality of the salons.

As a French manufacturer for hairdressing and beauty furniture, we CINDARELLA PARIS took up the Challenge of the privileged partnership with l’OREAL Professional by bringing our know-how, our innovations and solutions to support and inspire hairdressers at each of the 7 Salon Emotion stages

We are delighted with this partnership which constantly forces us to innovate, reflect and offer quality furniture and solutions. Because we are all actors in this marvellous universe which is hairdressing, together with major players like PAC INTERIORS, our exclusive partner in Belgium and the Netherlands, we go beyond our customers’ expectations.

One of the major keys is the need to find light, elegant and different solutions for product resale. The best salons now generate more than 20% of their turnover from the resale of salon products. An important step that requires thinking about retail furniture differently. Today, as in Global retail, the trend is no longer linear and has a demonstration of complete and overloaded lines, but has a qualitative presentation of new products, short ranges, best of sold in trade shows by brand. The advising dimension is crucial for hairdressers, the accessibility and visibility of the products we have used is important throughout the customer journey. To allow this, we have designed a whole Evolution range from small harnesses to aesthetic gondolas dedicated to beauty.

In addition, the diagnosis, one of the key stages of the journey, forced our imagination to come closer to the ideals in cosmetic retail. The Maha table is the illustration, multifunction, available in Bar version and in classic table version, complete in its technicality, footrest, plugs and charger for phones or IPAD, aesthetically it can go from the short styling station: brushing bar, technical styling, with a folding mirror, a space for product presentation, and fully folded down, ideal for academies for range presentations. A real hair salon new layout solution.

Cindarella Paris - MAHA


Cindarella Paris - EVOLUTION 3

Cindarella Paris - EVOLUTION 3

Cindarella Paris